Close Protection Team Management 


Our Close Protection Team Management Course is designed to give persons wishing to become a Leader of a Close Protection Team all of the required skills to effectively manage and plan a successful assignment detail. Aspects covered on this course include: Client Interview, Assignment Planning, Team Management and much more. This course is held over 5 Days and once completed all of the participants will be able to take control of a Close Protection Team. Persons wishing to avail of this course must have first completed the City & Guilds Close Protection Level 3 Training Course.


The purpose of this training program is to introduce candidates with knowledge of the Close Protection Industry the complexities of Close Protection Team Management. Candidates will learn how to manage and implement operational procedures while also being able to manage a Close Protection Team.


Candidates who attend this training program will be able to manage a Close Protection Team and Implement Operational Procedures in order to effectively manage a Close Protection Assignment.


Course Breakdown:

The Training Specification is broken down into 6 Units:

  • Supervisory Management
  • Operational Planning
  • Team Leadership
  • Organisational Skills
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management
  • Interviewing of Potential Clients


Candidates will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Operational Plan including Assignment of Tasks  (40%)
  • Threat Assessment & Risk Management                (30%)
  • Client Interview                                                           (15%)
  • Presentation Skills                                                      (15%)


Candidates who successfully complete the assessment process will gain:

Diploma in Close Protection Team Management – Professional Bodyguards Ireland