Catherine Penston's - All Female Bodyguard School, Galway, Republic of Ireland 

Catherine Penston has been to the forefront of Female Bodyguarding In Ireland & UK for over 2 decades. During her time working as a Bodyguard she has been responsible for the Protection of everyone from Royalty to Hollywood Celebrities. Catherine believes that the fundamental aspect to becoming a Bodyguard is "A Strong Foundation built on Solid Training, where we rely on Brains, Not Brawn."

Following an extensive career in the Protection Industry Catherine along with her business partner Ronan Mc Loughlin have opened a dedicated All Female Bodyguard School at their Training Facility in Galway, Ireland. Catherine has seen the evolution of the Protection Industry over the years grow into a truly recognised profession where there is a real need for Female Bodyguards and where they are treated as equals amongst their male counterparts.

As a working Bodyguard she has helped to develop the Industries view of Female Bodyguards and "Is immensely proud to be in a position to help blaze a trail for Females within The Industry, and being able to assist in their continual professional development through our Training School, where we can bring someone from being a complete novice to an International Bodyguard with all of the skills you would expect and some you would not expect".


The Training Facility  

Our Training facility is located in Tuam, County Galway. The Training Facility comprises our state of the art, training rooms as well as computer rooms for research as well as assignment drafting. Alongside the Training Facility we also conduct our Operational Orders and Team Briefing from the facility which is ideally located and equipped for anyone wishing to enter the world of Executive Protection.


The Training Cadre  

Our Training Cadre is made up of a variety of different personnel from many different backgrounds such as Government Service & Royalty Protection, through to Celebrity & Personal Protection. At our All female Bodyguard School Catherine Penston is very much the Senior Instructor supported by Ronan Mc Loughlin who himself has many years Close Protection Experience and has lectured in Third Level Institutions and in many countries worldwide in protection and other security related disciplines. We also have a variety of specialist instructors who lecture on specialist disciplines such as Dignitary Protection to Route Selection.


The Training Syllabus

The Training that we offer is exactly the same training that is being offered to the men. The Training that we recommend as a minimum standard is the Pearson/Edexcel Close Protection Level 3. The Close Protection Qualification will allow the participant to apply for an SIA (Security Industry Authority U.K.) License which is generally considered as the international standard required in order to work with the Executive protection industry worldwide. Once the minimum standard has been achieved participants can the go and specialise in a variety of different skills such as Protective Driving and Surveillance to Tactical Firearms. Check out our Training Page for more detail.