Protective Driving - Conducted at Various Locations 


 Our Protective Driving Course is divided into 3 Distinct Phases, Defensive, Evasive, Offensive.

Defensive Driving

  • This course is designed to give participants the required knowledge in order to safely and effectively conduct defensive driving techniques whilst operating as a Security Driver in order to ensure that the main principle of avoidance of Risk & Threat is strictly adhered to while having a VIP under Protective Escort and En Route from Point A to Point B

Evasive Driving

  • This course is where we teach participants how to safely and effectively react in potential hazardous or dangerous situations. Utilising the skills of Evasive Driving participants will be instructed on the correct use of Reverse 180, Forward 180, Handbrake Turns, and more. The Evasive Driving Course is Designed to teach Quick Reaction Techniques and Immediate Action Drills.

Offensive Driving

  • This Course is designed to teach participants how to safely and effectively react when confronted with situations where there is no other alternative but to use your vehicle and confront the potential danger and hazards presented to you. This course will consist of various techniques such as Fish-Tailing, Ramming, Etc, Etc.