STCW Maritime Training - Basic Safety Training


The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (or STCW), 1995 sets qualification standards for masters, officers and watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships.

The STCW 95 course and modules form part of the statutory requirements for both deck and engineering qualification. It is a globally recognised qualification for working afloat on fishing vessels over 24m and on merchant vessels of over 500GT.


The STCW Basic Safety Training is meant for all the crewmembers of a ship. For example for people that work in the commercial shipping branch, fishing branch or even in the private branch for people who possess a seaworthy ship.



More information about the STCW Basic Safety Training

During the STCW Basic Safety Training you learn how to act in various emergency situations on board of a ship. The Basic Safety Training  has been approved and complies with the STCW10 Manila Amendments and it is a mandatory certificate which you have to obtain before you can have a job on board of a ship. To remain STCW Basic Safety Training certified, this training must be repeated after 5 years by following our refresher training.


Course Content:

In the Basic Safety Training one will get acquainted with these skills:

  • Personal safety and social responsibilities

  • Personal survival techniques

  • Fire prevention and fire fighting

  • Elementary first aid